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Cracking open Australian Earth Observation data archives.

For the first time general public is able to view the content of the national collection of Landsat and Sentinel-2 satellite imagery over Australia in its entirety. Millions of data pieces - growing daily. Just imagine the possibilities...

:: data - geoscience australia & Copernicus / under creative commons license :: base maps and overlays - open street map, eox.at, stamen design, carto, geoscience australia / under creative commons & open data commons open database license

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Landsat 1986-2018
Landsat 1986-2018
Sentinel 2018

Satellite Options:
Landsat-8 (L8)
Landsat-7 (L7)
Landsat-5 (L5)

Processing Level:
Surface reflectance and terrain corrected
Surface reflectance corrected
Fractional cover
Cloud free composite (annual geomedian)
Observed water (clouds, etc. masked pixels in red)

Satellite Options:
Sentinel-2 (S2) 30 day rolling archive

Processing Level:
Surface reflectance and terrain corrected

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Open Street Map (Classic)
Open Street Map (Classic)
EOX.AT World Mosaic (2017)
Carto Grey Basemap
Carto Dark Basemap
Stamen Terrain
Surface Geology (1M)

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